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Diet List Ender Saddler 1 Week Slimming Diet 5 Weight Weight Loss

Diet List Ender Saddler 1 Week Slimming Diet 5 Weight Weight Loss
Palm fiber is high, has a low glycemic index, keeps the person satiated for a long time and thus plays an important role in weight loss is a great food. The palm also prevents constipation and indigestion due to its high fibrin content. In this article, recommended by Ender Sarac 5-7 pounds per week you can read the palm diet. Yogurt palm diet, those who are weakened with the palm diet, they do not take the weight again reports. Dietitian Kübra Honey answers the question of how many calories are palm and how many dates per day should we consume; Medium size 1 date palm 23 calories, dry calories is 42 calories. 100 grams of dates palm contains 127 calories, 100 grams of dried palm contains 277 calories. If you don't have blood sugar problems, you can eat 12-15 dates a day.
With the Palm Diet Weight Weight 7 Weeks a Week Diet List
Date palm diet is a diet that melts both belly and weight loss. The date palm diet is also recommended by Dietitian Ender Saraç. Date palm can be applied for a week. A total of 21 dates and 3 bowls of light yogurt should be consumed per day, including 7 dates and a bowl of light yoghurt. You can increase the effectiveness of the diet by drinking plenty of water all day long while you are eating a date palm yoghurt diet. Before you make a palm diet the next day you will consume 21 pieces of knife in the middle with a knife cut in water is better to wait, soaked in water, soaked laxative, intestinal softener, diarrhea effect is increasing. Thus, the ability to hold a few times is increased.
Breakfast in the morning: 1 bowl of light fat yogurt and 7 dates
Lunch: 1 bowl of light fat yogurt and 7 pieces of dates
Dinner: 1 bowl of light non-fat yogurt and 7 dates
Important Notes on the Application of the Palm Diet List
During the palm diet, you can only consume a total of 21 dates per day.
Since the yogurt on the diet list is high in calcium, it will protect your bones and prevent it from melting while you are dieting.
During this diet, each meal only 7 dates and 1 bowl of lean yogurt will have the right to eat. Other than that, it is forbidden to eat.
Important Notes on the Application of the Palm Diet List
You can apply this diet program for 7 days, depending on your metabolic rate, you can lose between 5 to 7 kilos.
During this diet should take care to drink 10-12 glasses of water per day.
Unsweetened green tea or various herbal, fruit teas can be consumed in this diet as sugar-free, provided that they do not overdo it.
Due to the fact that dates are full of vitamins and minerals, you will not have any health problems such as energy loss and weakness. On the contrary, thanks to these nutritional values ​​in dates and yoghurt, you can feel quite vigorous.
List of Diet of the Diet of Kübra Honey from the Dietitian
15 minutes before breakfast: 2 glasses of water + 2 dates
Breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 boiled egg, 2 slices of cheese, greens, 4-6 olives
Lunch: 1 palm + vegetable dish with olive oil + 1 bowl of yogurt + 1 slice of brown bread
Snacks: In 1 glass of milk, 3 pieces of palm and 10 pieces of almonds are blended in the blender.
Evening: 1 palm + 1 serving of red meat / chicken meat / fish meat + plenty of salad with olive oil
2 hours after dinner: 2 dates + Herbal tea
How to make the date palm diet? (Example 3 Diet List)
Breakfast: 1 thin slice of white cheese, 5 dates, 2 thin slices of whole wheat bread. Salad consisting of cucumber, tomato, pepper and parsley
Snacks: 5 dates
Lunch: 2 wholemeal breadcrumbs, 1 bowl of lean vegetable salad, 1 dish of vegetable oil with olive oil, 1 bowl of light yoghurt prepared
Dinner: 1 bowl of light yogurt made of tzatziki, 1 thin slice of whole wheat bread, 1 plate of vegetable oil with olive oil, salad with tuna corn
Night: (select any of the following 4 alternatives)
1-5 dates
2-12 strawberries
3-2 breadcrumbs
4- 1 cup skimmed milk
Throughout the diet; 40 minutes walk every day 2 cups of green tea a day, and 2 liters of water will be consumed.

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