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Onions How Many Calories Weight Loss Weight? Slimming with Onion Juice

Onions How Many Calories Weight Loss Weight? Slimming with Onion Juice
Nowadays, due to various factors such as sedentary living conditions and fast calorie foods such as fast food, the number of overweight people is increasing. With the increase in obesity, people have started looking for easy ways to get rid of their weight. One of these methods is slimming with onion juice. The comments of those who were weakened with onion juice were always positive. Dietitian Gonca Güzel onions that accelerate metabolism and helps reduce fat stores is a vegetable reports. In this article, we have cured slimming with onion juice as described by Dietitian Neslihan Aktepe. Dietitian Fatma Yiğitoğlu reports that 100 grams is 35 calories.
The Benefits of Onion Juice Diet Slimming Benefits Dietitian Neslihan Aktepe Describes
Onion juice cure, which we will describe below, is a cure recipe that will help you lose weight. Drinking the onion juice cure described below 10 minutes before meals provides fullness in the stomach, the satiety center is quickly stimulated and the person gets up from the table by eating less food.
The onion cure made with onion juice will make you thirsty, so your daily water consumption will increase. Drinking around 2.5-3 liters of water per day is an important factor that allows you to lose weight easily.
An increase in insulin is one of the biggest obstacles to losing weight. Onion cure made with onion juice balances your blood sugar, weight loss is easy and fast when blood sugar remains in balance.
Onions contain abundant A, B and especially C-C, phosphorus, iodine, silica, sulfur, and many beneficial substances to the body. Onion juice contains digestive ferments.
Onion juice with its diuretic properties helps to remove accumulated water, salt and urea in the body. Resolves edema in the body.
There is no reported serious side effect of onion curing. However, because it lowers blood sugar levels, it is a cure that should not be done especially for those who experience hypoglycemia attacks.
Dietician Neslihan Aktepe Slimming Cure Recipe with Onion Juice
1 bulb onion thoroughly washed, vinegar in water for a while to allow disinfection. Then 2 glasses of water are added to the pan and boiled in a transport. Dried onion peels are divided into 4 equal parts and thrown into boiling water. Onion water boiled for 5 minutes is now ready for curing. When it gets warm, it can be started by applying onion cure 10 minutes before meals. Onion cure must be prepared fresh for that day and applied for 15 days.
Recipe for Low-Calorie Onion Soup from Dietitian Canan Aksoy
4 medium onions
2 tablespoons of flour
2 tablespoons of oil
1 egg yolk
1 cup of light milk
Preparation: After chopping the onions, roast in oil, add the flour and sauté. Slowly add 4 cups of water into this roasted licorice. Add the salt and pepper and then pass through the blender. After 1 egg yolk and 1 cup of skimmed milk, add slowly to the mixture and boil. When I cook this soup, 1 slice of bread on the toaster after heating it in the shape of croutons and put it.
The amount of energy in 1 serving (without bread): 90 calories
Amount of energy in 1 serving (1 slice of whole wheat bread): 160 calories

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