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Maarjamäe Memoriaal, Tallinn, Estland

Maarjamäe Memoriaal, Tallinn, Estland

The memorial was planned and built in the Soviet era and dedicated to the Soviet soldiers that died during the first and second world war. Today, some local authorities say in a more general way that the monument commemorates those who have lost their lives during the war. The obelisk was errected in 1960 (designed by architect Mart Port and executed by sculptor Lembit Toll), the architectural competition for the memorial took place in 1965, the memorial was completed in 1975 (design by architect Allan Murdmaa and sculptor Matti Varik).

The main elements are a 35 meter high obelisk, two ceremonial axes and a broad plaza with concrete tribunes. The plaza offers an impressive view over the Baltic sea and the skyline of Tallinn. The plaza and the tribunes are in rather poor condition. Officially, they are blocked for visitors because of the risk of collapsing material, but the tribunes remain a popular hangout for young people.