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Why gardening is excellent for health

If you feel low spirits, annoyed or in need of something new in your life, the remedy could be at your door. Go out to your garden and start taking care of it, and in turn, take care of yourself. Here are four ways in which indoor and outdoor gardening can increase your health and wellbeing and not only that, it will make you have a beautiful garden at home if you put all your love and care.


Why gardening is better than taking medications

If you want to keep in shape, maintain firm control over your physical and mental health and benefit from fresh air, then, gardening is for you, according to results of certain investigations.

A study carried out by scientists at Kansas State University and published in HortSciencemagazine of horticulture, involved 53 senior volunteers, 25 of whom were gardeners. Participants were evaluated in general physical and mental health, including hand strength and grip strength using gardening tools.

The most active gardeners among the volunteers showed the best levels of physical health and all the gardeners had stronger and agiler hands, not to mention the above-average levels of self-esteem.

Not only that, it is shown that the following benefits derived from gardening make more than enough the need to promote this type of activity in people with health problems, especially those with problems of blood pressure and depression. So, keep reading and know what you will develop once you start practicing the art of gardening in your own home.

You practice mindfulness

Getting lost in your own garden is considered one of the best ways to practice mindfulness, a technique that is based on Eastern traditions and is designed to help you become more aware of what is happening, around you and in your body as well. Nowadays, practicing mindfulness is very popular and is a way to improve mental well-being. Being more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world that surrounds us more and understand us better.

Gardening and mindfulness seem to be the perfect couple. There are so many aspects of modern life from which people seem to disconnect - long monotonous office meetings, or traffic congestions. Due to the stressful and fractured nature of life, people often want to be somewhere else.

It does not have to be this way. If you want something that reconnects you to the world around you, that makes you more aware of the present moment, then look no further than the green grass beneath your feet. You really will not find a better meditation mat than your own garden. Start gardening now.

Transform part of your garden into a Zen

If you have a little space to play with, consider transforming a section of your garden into a zone of peace and tranquility - the place you go to when you need some time for yourself. Use it to read, meditate, write, spend time with friends or just sit down. Find the best furniture for gardens, such as garden tables, chairs, benches, and accessories to give more potential to your space to create a haven of tranquility.


Pebble streams traversing a gentle pattern of waves, guide you through space, among beautiful plants housed in terracotta pots, and even a stone Buddha as an ornamental piece might seem in the middle of your garden.

A reading bench is a perfect destination for contemplation in your garden, build and guide your Zen space around your outdoor gardening furniture, so that the place feels as integrated with nature as possible.