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Deconstructing Western media's self-professed "impartiality"

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Western news reporting on Palestine prides itself on keeping it professional, yet any media critic worth their salt can easily expose the pro-Israeli 'Doublethink' operating behind the smokescreen of journalistic neutrality.

"Journalists must be impartial - on the side of those who suffer."

To me, these words by the late veteran journalist Robert Fisk (1946-2020) constitute one of the most trenchant deconstructions of the hypocritical nature of Western journalism: one that prides itself on its impartiality, but has no scruples in shedding its self-congratulatory professional ethics like a snake sheds its skin when political expediency demands it.

And nowhere does political expediency define the raison d'être of Western journalism and does impartiality reveal itself as a greater hoax, nothing more than Eurocentric hubris, than in the reporting of what conventional wisdom (which is all to often more ignorant than it is wise) has dubbed the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

This geopolitical coinage has been cleverly designed to obscure "Israel's" sole culpability by re-apportioning blame, against all factual realities and dictates of decency, to the sole victims, the Palestinians. In doing so, the pro-Israeli media artificially creates a level playing field in the narrative as compensation for the lack of a level playing field in the real world.

Thus, under the guise of "impartiality", Western journalists reporting on Palestine routinely do the exact opposite of what Fisk demanded of those who ply the news trade: they are impartial not on the side of those experiencing suffering, but on the side of those who cause it, namely "Israel"...

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