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Keine Abos und 1 Abonnent

My flight to Germany was cancelled due to Storm Ciara: here's my thank-you letter to her

A Britsh storm saved me from going back to my racist home country Germany. At least temporarily. Photo: Timo Al-Farooq

Dear Ciara,

thank you for not making me have to go back to Germany today and allowing me to stay here in the UK longer.

You might not know this, but my home country Germany is one of the most casually racist places you will find. Racism is so nonchalantly endemic, bipartisan and socially accepted there that every time I go back I have to acclimatize myself afresh to this toxic status quo of normalized selective dehumanization perpetuated by the right, the center and even parts of the left.

Fascinatingly enough, Germans - from conservatives to liberals, and often even the ones at the receiving end of systemic racism and discrimination - are so blind to this consensual national pathology that it can therefore go on wholly unencumbered and unchecked.

Much to the detriment of those affected like myself and all the others who refuse to toe the line of a hegemonic discourse: one that stonewalls every effort by victims and their far too few white allies to get Germans to acknowledge that racism and discrimination are a structural scourge within their supposedly liberal democratic society.

What is even more mind-boggling: too many people back home actually believe Germany to be a non-racist, liberal and diverse country and happily peddle this fake feel-good narrative to the world and themselves, even though Germany is nothing more than a land of tacit white supremacy where the inclusion and representation of ethnic minorities and people of color depends exclusively on the goodwill of our white German overlords...

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