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Some Salient Problems with Bureaucracy

Some Salient  Problems with Bureaucracy


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Some Salient Problems with Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy most often fails to quickly respond to the ever-changing competitive world. It cannot react to business changes, consumer complaints and demand-and-supply needs as quickly as some of the other competitors can do.This is one of the reasons that we see unnecessary delays in a bureaucratic system. Today's world requires fast-paced decisions and instant reactions something that bureaucracy will always fail to comply with.There are a lot of paperwork, files, registrations and processes in a bureaucratic system. This makes dealing with customers or consumers more troublesome, complex and problematic.

3. According to Max Weber's theory.
of bureaucracy, it all works
within a structure that does not
have enough room for human
emotions, satisfaction, needs and
values. It is impersonal in nature
and neither cares for the
consumers nor the employees
working around.

In a bureaucratic system, the
fixed rules and regulations of an
organization are more important
than any individual's emotions,
values or needs. It is one of the
biggest shortcomings of
bureaucracy, which makes it one
of the most disliked forms of

4. The whole bureaucratic system is
formed around rigid rules and
regulations. This excessive form
of rigid structures stampedes
creativity and restricts growth. In
all types of officialdom there is
always adamant, inflexible and
accommodating. Furthermore,
bureaucracy requires everything
to follow a given system, which
diminishes any chances of
creativity and out-of-the-box

With the modern-world changing
fast and evolving in light of new
challenges, this rigidity of
bureaucracy is a big problem for
any organization or government.

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