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How I Made $50M Before 30 - Erik Bergman

I may not be a famous celebrity, but I would still say I’m a success.
Along with my best friend, I launched an affiliate marketing business in 2012 named Catena Media that worked primarily in the iGaming industry. We eventually got venture capital funding and continued to scale our company over the years. In 2017, we listed Catena Media on the Stockholm Nasdaq Stock Exchange at a $200 million valuation. The day I rang that bell, I became a millionaire before 30.
It was quite a ride getting there, and since then I’ve been continuing to share my own journey with others to inspire them to become their own success stories.
How I became a millionaire before 30 is a combination of a little luck and a lot of incorporating strong habits like prioritizing goals and asking the right people for help.
I’ve also learned some lessons along the way, and I believe that they are important enough to share with anyone else who also wants to become a millionaire before 30. These have been my own key steps to success, and I recommend them to anyone with big ideas and big dreams.

Source: https://www.entrepreneurshipsecret.com/how-i-made-50m-before-30/

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