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The most sustainable city in the world & Europe | Gothenburg | 2022

Gothenburg's harbour at night. Pic:pixabay

Gothenburg is now hyped as one of the most sustainable cities in the world. Is it true, or a sly marketing ploy? Rather than pontificate from afar, or rewrite someone else's words, we decided to ask a freelance partner who lives there, Regine Glass.

The Nordic countries are role models for sustainability, with the biggest country in the north, Sweden, being the region's exemplar to follow. A study by Euromonitor 2021 revealed that among 100 countries, Sweden is the most sustainable tourist destination, followed by Finland, Austria, Estonia, and Norway. What's more, the Global Sustainability Index (GDS) voted Sweden's second biggest city, Gothenburg, as the most sustainable city in the world four times in a row. As a result, this city of only 600,000 inhabitants drew international attention. It didn't take long for the world's largest broadcast news organization, the BBC, to highlight Gothenburg as one of Europe's greenest cities, for example.

Does that mean that Gothenburg is the world's most sustainable city or is it just a clever marketing strategy?

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