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Looking Back at GEN Summit 2015: Tweets and Links (#GENsummit)

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the GEN Summit, an international media conference with 500 participants which was organized by the Global Editors Network for the fifth time. This year's title: „Prototyping the Future of News". I compiled the most interesting tweets from many sessions (hashtag: #GENsummit).

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From Bitcoins to Bitnews: Towards the One-Cent Article

Wearable News Beyond the Gadgets

@ webjournalist @ JebbL @ immersivly @ dsancha talking #wearablenews #virtualreality #futureofnews#GENsummit

- Mario Orasche (@MarioOrasche) June 17, 2015

I'm at #GENsummit this week, and it's kicking off now with a talk about wearables. There are more mobiles than toothbrushes in the world!

- Catalina Albeanu (@catalinacma) June 17, 2015

5 challenges the Apple Watch poses for publishers!/articles/14... #GENsummit #wearabletech #smartwatch #apple

- knowledgeView (@KnowledgeView) June 17, 2015

Media Innovation in China: The Latest Trends

uS$56 billion in vc funding invested in China startup market. Government has helped build 1600 tech incubators. #GENsummit

- Douglas Crets (@DouglasCrets) June 17, 2015

While most US #media #patents are about advertising, in #china it's all about #video #GENsummit

- Florent F. Garcin (@ffgarcin) June 17, 2015

"Restaurants in London now have their own WeChat accounts to offer menus and deals" Funny. #GENsummit

- Paal Unanue-Zahl (@paalu) June 17, 2015

VR Journalism and Immersive Storytelling

"In 2018 virtual reality will be out there so it's time to get ready. My bet is that new audiences will pay for this experiences" #GENsummit

- Elisenda Rovira (@elisendarovira) June 17, 2015

Wednesday's Get-Together at Hospital de Sant Pau

On the way to 1st Evening Social Event at #GENsummit: a bus full of journalists is much much louder than a school bus :-)

- Sumi Saint Auguste (@SumiRSA) June 17, 2015

Peter Jebsen (Member of the federal executive board of German Federation of Journalists DJV)

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