Nikolaus Fecht

Fachjournalist, PR-Texter, Moderator, Gelsenkirchen

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On the road with digital nomads

Inspired by my son Dominik, who has already taken an instructive and inspiring cruise in the Mediterranean with the digital nomads, I started the Nomad Cruise 9 in Barcelona in November with the Sovereign - a cruise ship for around 2500 passengers - and immersed myself in the world of the digital nomads while crossing the equator, got inspired by them on the tour to Brazil and tried out the new form of work myself in a coworking space in Brazil.

It is the ninth Nomad Cruise of the long-time digital nomad Johannes Völkner, who has been successfully organizing cruises with digital nomads and "sedentary" people for several years now - a mixture of seminar, workshops, meetings, leisure time at the pool and evening parties. Simply booking is not possible: Every newcomer applies with a short job description.

I sent my job description: Engineer and technical journalist, actually recently retired, but who continues to work for the fun of the job. I am a digital nomad on a part-time basis, because although I work mainly from Gelsenkirchen, I am constantly on the road because of my work for publishers, industry, associations and the Fraunhofer Institute. I especially appreciate writing on the train, in AirBnBs and hotels. The job description arrived: I was allowed to come along.