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How to Build a PC: Chiswick Computers - Passing On The Knowledge

How to Build a PC: Chiswick Computers - Passing On The Knowledge

Brenan, César and Steve

'I really enjoyed building my computer and the engineers were very friendly.’ – César Ortiz

In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak hand-built the Apple-1 in the Jobs family garage, and computing history was made. While King Street may not exactly be California and the result might not be as revolutionary, if you know a young tech wizard then Steve Bonnici and Brenan Santos from Chiswick Computers offer personal tuition in building computers. The student can take their machine home and, of course, you never know where those skills might lead.

‘A few years ago some parents mentioned that their kids wanted to build their own PCs from scratch,’ explains Steve. ‘We were delighted to help, and we’ve been doing it ever since. We clear a bench in the workshop, explain the process and we’re around to supervise and answer questions. The build takes two hours and we tailor it to the child’s needs, so it’s often a desktop gaming PC.

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‘Afterwards, we loadWindows, update the software, test the computer and then it’s ready to takeaway. The kids really enjoy spending time with us. They learn so much more when they do it themselves, problem-solving as they go, and we’ve had some lovely feedback from parents.’

Steve has been running Chiswick Computers (the company has Which? Trusted Trader status) since 2003, establishing an excellent reputation for expertise and customer service. His technicians are the local experts when it comes to diagnosing and repairing faults with Windows-based PCs and Apple iMac,MacBook, iPad and iPhones.

Steve handles the company’s IT support, looking after businesses, home-based one-person bands and families ‘I build a relationship with each customer,’ he says. ‘If I understand what they do and how they do it, then I can design our support to their requirements.’ Chiswick Computers also offers remote monitoring to corporate clients, remote preventative maintenance for domestic users and over-the-counter advice at the shop.‘If we can fix a problem on the spot, we will,’ says Steve.‘We have a no-fix, no-fee guarantee and we explain everything in plain English!’

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