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Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Peace Of Mind [1]

Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Peace Of Mind

Christopher Barrow

Metropolitan Safe Deposits ensures your most valuable possessions are safe and secure

‘We know who, what, when and where at all times,’ smiles Christopher Barrow, Chief Executive of Metropolitan Safe Deposits. ‘Those are the critical questions in our business. From multi-layered alarm and surveillance systems to tried and tested physical security, we offer clients an affordable, convenient world-class facility.’

Metropolitan Safe Deposits opened its Chiswick office in July following a 10-month build that required 225 tons of reinforced concrete to create space for two basement vaults made by the industry’s leading manufacturer, Robur Safe. At full capacity, the Swedish company will also supply 8000 safe deposit boxes in 12 different sizes: the smallest, which is perfect for storing small keepsakes, rings or watches, costs £95 p.a (including £10,000 insurance).

The sophisticated security network begins with 24/7 CCTV of the perimeter and interior, with the exception of the private viewing cubicles in the vaults. ‘The CCTV is also monitored by our Knightsbridge and St John’s Wood offices,’ explains Christopher. ‘The building itself is equipped with seismic and stress detectors and the “secure area” beyond reception is protected by bullet-resistant airlock doors with magnetic and electronic locks.

‘Client access is controlled by computerverified ID and biometric fingerprint procedures and each safe deposit box (up to three people are registered to each) is opened with two unique keys – no other keys exist for that lock. If a box is re-locked, the ID process must be repeated, so ensuring a proper audit trail. Furthermore, we have our own unique security features: every box is individually alarmed and we are alerted if more than a given number are open at one time.’

Metropolitan Safe Deposits' insurers recently commissioned a rigorous review of security and staff training, making no recommendations for improvement. ‘To the best of our knowledge, this type of vault has never been breached,’ says Christopher. ‘If a system is cut off a back-up is always in place. At a time when banks are exiting the safe custody market, it is vital that independent vaults are able to provide a secure, high quality service to customers.’

Metropolitan Safe Deposits
Metropolitan Safe Deposits
Metropolitan Safe Deposits
Metropolitan Safe Deposits

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