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Chiswick Dry Cleaners: Top Hat Chiswick: The Perfect Fit

Chiswick Dry Cleaners: Top Hat Chiswick: The Perfect Fit

Anna Kozowska

How many times have you put on a favourite item of clothing and found that it doesn’t fit as snugly as it once did? If that sounds familiar, you don’t have to consign the piece to recycling or return it to the wardrobe.

Mike Moran, owner of the award-winning Top Hat dry cleaners, offers a professional alteration and repair service. ‘I’ve invested in the latest sewing machines and hemmers and Anna, our experienced in-shop tailoress, has the expertise to deal with most issues. Whether it’s taking up, taking in, letting out, re-lining, patching or stitching, she is happy to advise and will recommend the best options.’

Mike and his team follow the same approach with dry and wet cleaning. ‘We combine our depth of knowledge with new technology to deliver the best finish; for example, we use a microscope linked to a phone or computer to check if a stain is deeply ingrained or on top of the fibres. And, when we’re not sure about a material, we cut off a few fibres and burn them; we can tell what it is by the colour of the flame. Between us, we have 150 years’ industry experience – and that pays dividends.’

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