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Brackenbury Good Neighbours: A Helping Hand

Brackenbury Good Neighbours: A Helping Hand
Brackenbury Good Neighbours has started to put together a list of people living in the local area who might need support over the coming weeks.

Do please get in touch with us if you know someone who might appreciate some help with errands such as shopping and collecting medicines, walking their dogs or perhaps even just a daily phone call to make sure all is well.

Of course, privacy is paramount, so please ask those who would like assistance to call Brad Cahoon on 07715408202 or email bradleycahoon@me.com - If, for some reason, the person concerned cannot contact us, please call us yourself and explain the situation and we will do our best to help out.

Send us a Direct Message via Social Media:
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Brackenbury Village is a residential district of west London between the Goldhawk Road, King Street, Hammersmith Grove and Ravenscourt Park. It is named after Brackenbury Road in which there is a small parade of shops which form the heart of the self-styled village.

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