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Best Scenes of The Mummy 4 2017

The Mummy 4 2017 movie is full of exotic scenes. The Mummy full movie did not go well with some critics. However, the film is an excellent addition to The Mummy movie series. The Mummy official trailer does not necessarily have the best scenes. The film still offers great value to the users.

Here are some of the best scenes from the film.

Choosing the Evil, Birth of a Monster

The birth of the monster summarizes the story behind the evil princess Ahmanet. It shows her endless greed to grab the power from her father anyhow. In her quest for the throne, she turns into an evil monster. The princess makes a pact with the evil forces. This settlement results in the rebirth of the princess turning her into a monstrous lady, not even caring about her relationship with her father. In a bid to take the throne, she decides to go against her father. The scene showcases her transformation into that monster which later consumes her into that greed for power.

The Bats Attack the Plane

In The Mummy 2017 movie, Tom Cruise along with his accompanying lady take the mummified princess Ahmanet onto the plane. The plane takes off and gradually reaches a height above the clouds. Once the plane reaches that height, out of nowhere, it is attacked by many bats. The attack is so sudden and horrendous that the bats start crashing through the planes’ windows and into its engine The situation soon turns horrible when the attack leads to the death of the pilots flying the plane. Some of the bats crash into the plane’s engines, causing one of the engine to malfunction and catch fire. Thus, the plane starts circling and plummeting down to crash into the ground. The lady accompanying Tom Cruise, Jennifer, gets out of the plane using her parachute, just before the plane crash.

The Business of Evil

Tom Cruise finds himself in the presence of another gentleman, who is only concerned about business. The role of this greedy business is played by Russell Crowe, who goes by the name of Dr. Henry Jekyll. He is accompanied by Jennifer who did not turn up to be what he was expecting. He further explains to Tom Cruise as the business being evil. This scene is particularly interesting because it elaborates the real purpose behind getting The Mummy. The business as he says is evil. The business is to recognize the evil, contain it, and destroy later on.

However, as you see The Mummy 4 2017, they are not able to contain the monster. Later, she turns into an ugly princess, which she always was, to the core. Princess Ahmanet unleashes all her wrath to unravel whatever comes in her way. Watch The Mummy Full Movie to know the path of destruction that she undertakes.  

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