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Pros and Cons of Big Three Cricket Model Breakup

The big three cricket model did not last long. The big three teams of cricket including India, Australia, and England did attempt to overshadow the game of cricket. However, this structure could not sustain itself due to the unfair advantage it gave to only three teams. The original idea of giving control to nations creating most revenue did not work.

Pros of Big Three Structure

These are the pros of big three cricket model.

  • The big three cricket model regularized the cricket while supporting the teams with most revenues.
  • The big three model protects the countries with most revenues. It means importance given to countries which keep the game running. 
  • The big 3 model takes care of the cricketing needs of the three big countries by providing them with enough funds. India, Australia, and England that play cricket in a more structured way require more money to run the show. 

Cons of Big Three Cricket

These were the disadvantages of big three cricket.
  • The big 3 cricket model defeats democracy in cricket. Too much control is given to just three cricket playing nations. 
  • The ICC cricket gets affected because countries with less cricketing revenue cannot take care of their interests.
  • The ICC cricket sidelines countries with fewer revenues so an overall loss to the game.
  • The big three cricket model lacks vision and governance issues keeping coming up. 
  • The big 3 cricket model also results in more losses for some countries. If big three model continued, it may have resulted in discontinuation of cricket by some countries. 

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