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Sightseeing: Munich Viktualienmarkt

Try, buy and feast - for the gourmet palate / Anyone who shops here at the Viktualienmarkt will be advised and pampered by experts, Photo: Helga Waess (press archive)

Viktualienmarkt in the heart of Munich's old town

 The largest Bavarian village got the first maypole on its Viktualienmarkt in Munich's old town in 1962

 International meeting point at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich (GERMAN / French)

Munich. The Viktualienmarkt is located not far from Marienplatz and is therefore in the heart of Munich's old town. Anyone who visits our beautiful city cannot avoid visiting this market for connoisseurs and gourmets. You will find everything here, from white sausage and traditional Bavarian specialties to exotic fruits. This year the Viktualienmarkt is more than just a food market. Characteristic are its market people in the green pavilions, who offer fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world every day, and the maypole and the cozy beer garden in the heart of the market. There is also a North Sea fishing hall. "A Gaudi on every corner!" is the motto in the so-called living room of the city: the Viktualienmarkt.

Anyone who strolls through the Viktualienmarkt will not miss its fountain At the annual 
fountain festival on the first Friday in August, the fountains are decorated and musicians sing in honor and memory of the originals depicted. They helped shape Munich: the folk singers and comedians to whom a monument was erected here.

 We find bronze fountain figures of famous Munich origin

als Karl Valentin - Munich comedian and folk singer - together with 

Liesl Karlstadt, the Musäum im Isartor was dedicated to him 

Weiß Ferdl - he is on the beer menu at the Viktualienmarkt - here you immediately think of the tram anthem "Line 8-Lied" Liesl Karlstadt - actually

 Elisabeth Wellano / the cabaret artist formed the famous artist duo together with Karl Valentin 

Ida Schumacher - a Lower Bavarian Ratschkathi with a bucket and broom and also a comedi

an Elise Aulinger - popular actress who appeared as Ratschkathi and Veronika 

Wurzl Roider Jackl - the Bavarian folk singer was known nationwide for his Gstanzl at strong beer festivals - e.g. Nockherberg "Salvatoranstich" 

Potato fountain - runs open all year round and offers drinking water.

 It was set up at the potato market Honey fountain - near the Honigfrau at the Honighäusl stand, it has been around for over 100 years (although it also had other locations before) 

Here are the links to our blog posts about the fountain festival - with photos of all the bronze fountain figures:


No visit to Munich without a traditional white sausage breakfast!

After all, the Weißwurst is the most famous Munich specialty. You eat them in the morning, before twelve, with sweet mustard, pretzels, Obazda and some wheat beer! By the way, white sausages are not allowed to hear the 12 o'clock chime! Inns with tradition only offer the Weißwurst breakfast until 12 p.m. When you order a white sausage, you always get a pair - so never order two, otherwise you'll just have to eat four.

By the way: you will immediately be recognized as a stranger if you eat the Weißwurst incorrectly. 

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