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12th of June - Munich: FAN FEST for EURO 2024 Theresienwiese

The Bavaria in front of the Hall of Fame on the slope above the Theresienwiese in Munich, Photo: Helga Waess

June 12th: FAN FEST for EURO 2024 - on Munich's Theresienwiese

The EURO 2024 mega concert at the Theresienwiese is a first in Munich's history

 A FAN FEST for EURO 2024 with an opening concert by Ed Sheeran, Dylan, Nelly Furtado and Mark Forster on Munich's Theresienwiese (GERMAN)

Munich. It is official!!! The Theresienwiese becomes a major cultural event location. If the people of Munich can still hear the thrash metal legends Metallica from San Francisco, who will play in the Olympic Stadium on May 26th, 2024, and the incredible Australian hard rock band AC/DC, who will play on June 9th and 12th 2024 is still rocking in the Olympic Stadium, then the expected 90,000 fans will meet for the EURO 2024 FEST with performances by Ed Sheeran, Dylan, Nelly Furtado and Mark Forster on the Theresienwiese.

 Ed Sheeran will play the opening concert for the European Championship 2024 on our world-famous Oktoberfest meadow in the center of Munich on June 12th. Under Bavaria, the female embodiment of Bavaria, Ed Sheeran will be a musical highlight of the "Fan Fest" organized by Philipp Lahm. But the following music acts including Nelly Furtado, Mark Forster and Dylan are also world-famous and will be preparing for a great European Football Championship and concert summer in the Bavarian capital. At the Theresienwiese fan campaigns will get you in the mood for EURO 2024 and a wide range of catering options will ensure the well-being of the guests.

Philipp Lahm initiated the fan festival for the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 together with Celia Šašić

The idea for the largest cultural event for the 2024 European Football Championship comes from tournament director Philipp Lahm and EURO ambassador Celia Šašić.

"Football and music bring people together. This is exactly what strengthens our civil society and our democracy. I talked about this at a meeting with the world music star and football fan Ed Sheeran," says Philipp Lahm - and continues: "Thanks to strong partners like Deutsche Telekom, the concert organizer FKP Scorpio, the event agency PRO EVENTS and my hometown of Munich, we can offer people another highlight at fair admission prices."

The fan festival for the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2024, initiated by Philipp Lahm, is presented by Telekom and FKP Scorpio.

 Philipp Lahm and Celia Šašić will lead the program on stage on June 12th - other football personalities will also appear.

Two days after the concert, the opening game of the 2024 European Football Championship begins

Wednesday, June 12th, the Theresienwiese will be a huge open-air arena. The world stars who perform here are the British singer Ipswich Town and Ed Sheeran. That's not all, the Canadian singer Nelly Furtado, who also contributed the official song for the European Championship with the title "Força" at the 2004 European Championships in Portugal, will thrill the fans. And the singer Dylan comes from England, whose monthly Spotify listeners are currently in the million mark.

Dylan (22 years old)

... will delight with her energetic pop, because as she said herself: "a wannabe rock star in a pop star's body"! Dylan will be heading to Wembley, but first we'll see her in Minga on Theresienwiese.

Mark Forster provides local color

The Palatinate native has already provided football songs. He released the hit song "Au revoir" for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and his "Chore" always fits in the stadium. He is the artist of the fan curve in German arenas, has six albums at the top of the charts, numerous great TV appearances and has already won renowned music awards.

The songwriter Nelly Furtado comes from Canada

The musician Nelly Furtado should be briefly mentioned with her 20 billion streams and over 35 million albums sold worldwide. Her concerts are always sold out and she has received numerous Grammys. She is one of the most popular voices in music culture right now.

Superstar Ed Sheeran is a football fan himself and was invited by Philipp Lahm

 Let's see if we can hear the theme song for EURO 2024 on Theresienwiese?

 The FAN FEST EURO 2024 is a first in Munich's city history

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