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art KARLSRUHE 2024: Convincing realignment

Trade fair stand of the Galerie Jeanne from Munich - the gallery from Munich impressed with works by Manolo Valdéz, Marc Chagall and many others, press photo - Courtesy Galerie Jeanne - Helga Waess

art KARLSRUHE 2024: Convincing realignment

 art KARLSRUHE presents itself as a place to be for the art scene in Europe - "... especially the young talent brings welcome nervousness and life to the fair ..." (Markus Lüpertz

 Around 47,000 visitors to art Karlsruhe - the fair for classical modern and contemporary art in southern Germany

Karlsruhe. We only hear positive things! On the last day of the fair, all art KARLSRUHE participants expressed their satisfaction with the results of this year's art fair. The artist Markus Lüpertz also expressed his enthusiasm about the new trade fair concept: "I see a real departure here ...". It started with the preview, where hand-picked art connoisseurs, curators and art lovers strolled through the exhibition halls and met enthusiastic gallery owners.

 A conceptual realignment of the art fair under new management attracted around 47,000 visitors from all over the world to Karlsruhe over just a few days of the fair. Trade fair director Britta Wirtz enthusiastically stated: "There is a unique spirit at art KARLSRUHE this year... And this is not only noticeable here, but also far beyond the exhibition grounds. The fundamentally high quality of our exhibitors and the new concept are the perfect starting point on the way to becoming the place to be for the art scene in Europe."

Works from classical modernism to post-war modernism to contemporary art

The foundation for innovations was laid for the orientation of the art presentation from classical modernism to contemporary art. In Karlsruhe this speaks to the zeitgeist of collectors. "We receive consistently positive feedback from our galleries," sum up project manager Olga Blaß and advisory board chairman Kristian Jarmuschek. "We are particularly proud that relevant galleries that had suspended previous art KARLSRUHE editions have now returned to us because they find our new concept so convincing."

Voices from the galleries

The Henze & Ketterer Gallery:

"The fact that Classic Modernism came to Hall 1 was the deciding factor for us to come back to art... Overall: The trade fair is very appealing, the quality has increased in recent years and the visitors are very informed. The conversations are really fun."

New exhibitors also give positive feedback:

"It's our first time at art KARLSRUHE," says Michael Cosar from Galerie Cosar. "We had visitors to the stand throughout, numerous interested people and positive conversations, including some successful deals. We are therefore very satisfied."

Manuel Ludorff from the Düsseldorf Galerie Ludorff announces high sales figures:

"Despite a market environment with economic challenges, the response here at art KARLSRUHE was very good. We met qualitatively very important and relevant collectors - the basic prerequisite for sales, especially in the high-priced segment. We have just sold a watercolor by Lyonel Feininger for 120,000 euros and have so far reserved works worth half a million euros. In addition, for example, we were able to sell all the paintings that we had brought with us from the artist Christopher Lehmpfuhl. Like almost every year, things went extremely well for us at art KARLSRUHE."

 And the well-known painter Markus Lüpertz spoke enthusiastically about the young artists:

 "I've already discovered great paint application and good painting and I'm excited to see where the path will lead. The new structure is noticeable and I am particularly interested in young art, because young artists in particular bring welcome nervousness and life to the fair. I see a real departure here!"

 Consistently positive response to the new re:discover format

Funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) and together with the Federal Association of German Galleries and Art Dealers (BVDG) "re:discover", which aims to draw attention to artists who are not currently present on the art market, was very well received.

With funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) and together with the Federal Association of German Galleries and Art Dealers (BVDG), 

art KARLSRUHE placed a special emphasis on artists who, despite the high artistic quality of their work, do not receive due attention. A total of 20 positions could be discovered in the gallery booths. "I'm thrilled with the re:discover program," says Imke Valentien from the Imke Valentien Gallery. "It's a great idea, as a concept for the art market, but also for the artists. And it was an impulse from the BVDG to establish this concept at art KARLSRUHE."


 In Hall 1, we met, among others, the Munich Galerie Jeanne, which presented a wide spectrum from classical modernism to contemporary art with prints, monotypes, drawings, prints and other art techniques on the image medium of paper (see photos).

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