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English version: Carnival in the German Theater Munich

Carnival figure in the Karlstor at Stachus, press photo archive. Helga Waess

Celebration tip: three carnival balls with live music in the German Theater February 10th - 12th in Munich

 Saturday: Rock That Swing Ball - Sunday: Jamboree Ball - Rose Monday "089 Kult" party

Munich. The carnival weekend brings three balls in the German Theater Munich: Yes, it's open-air carnival in our beautiful city center of Munich and it's ball season. The German Theater Munich is presenting 3 carnival balls from Saturday 10th to Monday 12th February. Today, Saturday, February 10th, the motto is "Rock That Swing Ball". Tomorrow on Sunday, February 11th there will be the "Jamboree Ball" and on Monday, February 12th (Shrove Monday) there will be the "089 Kult" party in the Deutsches Theater in Munich. We present the three balls here.

 - Ticket information via: www.deutsches-theater.de

Ball No. 1

On Saturday, February 10th it says

 Rock That Swing Ball

The big festival is celebrated under the motto "Rock That Swing Ball". So feel free to come in the fashion of the 20s-50s or simply elegant. This is the first of two balls at the Rock That Swing Festival. Well-known, international live bands play and DJs also play. Dancers will thrill everyone in the so-called "Lindy Hop Cup" and the "Balboa & Shag Battle". There is also the "Vintage Dance Show of Champions"... A little treat: dance your way into a "swing dance taster course" before the live music party. And learn Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Rockabilly Jive and/or Shag quickly. With a few quick steps you can be seen safely on the dance floor. The gastronomic partner of the German Theater Munich, the Käfer and its team offer self-service food and drinks at the bars and food stations.

Deutsches Theater München / German Theater Munich

Location: Ballroom

Admission: 7:00 p.m

Start: 7:30 p.m

Live Bands: NP Big Band, Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, Jumpin' Up, Jackson Sloan, Billie And The Kids, Boogie Banausen, David Hermlin Trio, Natty Bo, Nine Pennies, Chris Aron & The Croakers

Dress code: fashion from the 20s-50s or elegant

Guests of Honor: Chester Whitmore - Vintage Dance Show of Champions - All You Can Swing Team Battle

BALL  No. 2

On Sunday, February 11th there will be

 Jamboree Ball which presents the World of Swing

The Great Jamboree Revue at the Jamboree Ball is the recommended second evening event of the Rock That Swing Festival. International live bands also play here and DJs play. The Jamboree Revue will be remembered. Celebrate the period from the 20s to the 50s in two beautiful ballrooms: the golden 20th, the swinging 30th and the 40s carry on with the music of the wild 50th. Vintage clothing, petticoats or suits are welcome... Here too, Käfer offers food and drinks at the bars and food stations.

Jamboree Ball die World of Swing

Location: Ballroom

Admission: 7:00 p.m

Start: 7:30 p.m

Live bands are: Bobby Brooks Wilson, Don Diego Trio, Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, Jumpin' Up, Jackson Sloan, Swing Shouters Little Band, Nine Pennies, Sugar Ray Ford, Boogie Banausen

Dress code: fashion from the 20s-50s or elegant

For: Vintage Dance Show of the Champions - Boogie Woogie Cup - Charleston Challenge - Jamboree Revue

Ball number 3

On Monday, February 12th (Shrove Monday) it is said

“089 Kult” - the Munich cult ball 

089 KULT is the really real Munich carnival party with Munich originals LIVE. Who doesn't know the legendary Monaco Franze?! Pfeffer-Franzi liked to party as the Lord of the Seven Seas or Charly from the Munich stories. Things really get going on Rose Monday. With the premiere of 089 KULT: Together with the radio station of the same name (089 landline code for Munich), the Munich Spider Murphy Gang and the Munich original Willy Michl will be the star guests to create the atmosphere with music. You can also experience the Cagey Strings, Roland Hefter and the band Los Poppos live. The cabaret artist Moses Wolff will provide a heavenly Munich performance.


The Spider Murphy Gang has been the Munich music authority for over 45 years. So who could fit the motto "089 Cult" better? Dancing and singing along to the reißers means "Scandal in the Restricted Area", "Schickeria" and "Summer in the City". The Spiders have created musical monuments to our beautiful city of Munich, which to this day describe the attitude to life and the love of Munich residents for their place. So get out the "Rock'n'Roll Shoes"!!!


Singer-songwriter, blues bard and Iasar Indian, the Munich artist Wilhelm Karl Michl - or simply Willy Michl - has entered the spiritual stage name Sound of Thunder in his passport. Willy Michl can be seen as a so-called "veteran" of the Munich music scene and a cult figure at the big Munich carnival festival on Rose Monday. Join him in singing the anthem "Isarflimmern" and his mood hit "Bobfahrer-Lied".

Munich songwriter Roland Hefter

Roland Hefter has his own show together with Monika Gruber on the radio station 089 Kult. At the big ball, the band Isarrider performs with him in the Silver Hall of the theater. Roland Hefter's songs make listeners laugh and show his love for Munich residents and his optimism.


They are also known as a cult band in the live music scene! Their repertoire consists of a mix of rock 'n' roll and party sounds. The hall will boil! Oktoberfest fans know the Gagey Strings from the Hackerzelt or from the Oide Wiesn Citizens Ball (January 2024).

Who will be the MUNICH IN HEAVEN in 2024 with Moses Wolff The all-rounder at the ball is the comedian and musician and actor and author... Moses Wolff. This evening you can experience Wolff's very personal interpretation of the classic "A Munich in Heaven". "089 Kult" - the Munich cult ball

Location: Ballroom

Admission: 7:00 p.m

Start: 8:00 p.m

Band: Spider Murphy Gang, Willy Michl, Los Poppos, Roland Hefter

Dress code: Everything that is reminiscent of Munich history to Monaco Franze!!!

Ticket information via: www.deutsches-theater.de 

German Theater Munich
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