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Say bye to Bad Breath with easy tips

Say bye to Bad Breath with easy tips

Say bye to Bad Breath with easy tips

  Bad Breath Causes and Home Remedies

Does your breath embarrass you socially? Bad breath can make life hell by putting off your friends or near and dear ones.


When food particles stick in between our teeth, along our gum lines, and on our tongue are broken down by naturally occurring bacteria in our mouth, this process releases a bunch of stinky compounds. That's why bad breath happens. It is called halitosis. Other triggers can be poor dental care, skipping meals, dryness of mouth, few ailments, few medication, low carbohydrate diet, cavity, wearing a dental appliance, drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking, consuming tobacco, strep throat, high blood sugar levels, respiratory tract infection, acid reflux from the stomach and many more.

Your family and friends may not feel free to tell you that you're suffering from halitosis. The easiest way to find it out is to lick the inner side of your wrist, wait for five seconds and then take a whiff. If it smells bad then yes, you have a bad breath.


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