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The Quantum in My Kitchen

Part 1
I recently watched a documentary on the BBC called The Secrets of Quantum Physics. This impressive documentary explains quantum physics in the simplest possible way. As they explained the discussion between Niels Bohr and Einstein about reality, they moved on to the subject of quantum entanglement. The theory is like this: Flip two coins, and because their destinies are attached, if one lands on heads, the other will always be tails. I thought I’d give this  a try, but when I did, I discovered something very odd.
I still had a couple of coins left from my trip to Bali. They’d been together for almost five months, next to each other. I picked out these in particular, so they would be attached to each other. I then proceeded to flip the coins, and can you guess what happened? At first, for about seven or eight tosses, one was heads and the other was tails. I thought to myself, “Wow, I have to write about this. This is clearly duality. The universal law of duality works here as well. I can’t believe how they land on heads and tails every time.”
When I flipped the coins once more, however, they both landed on heads. This shocked me. I then flipped them again, this time without any thoughts in my head. They landed on heads and tails again. Something dawned on me just then. I stared at the coins once more and said, “Yes, I must write about you.” I flipped them again and guess what? I got two heads again. Next, I started staring at a lighter on the table and focused my thoughts on it. The next toss landed as heads and tails again. I then stared at the coins again and said to them, “Are you guys being affected by me?” This time, I got two tails. I flipped them once more, focusing on the lighter again, and the result was heads and tails.
As soon as I said, “Wow! This is amazing. I’m so going to write about you guys,” I got two heads. I then cleared my mind of everything, and when I flipped the coins, I got heads and tails again.
In short, by playing with a couple of coins on my kitchen counter, I clearly saw how I move in duality with my conscious. The coins came up heads and tails at first because I didn’t have any expectations. My mind was clear, so the universal balance was in charge with one landing heads and one landing tails. As soon as my mind took charge and believed it would land heads and tails every time. Bang! There were two heads, because the energy of this thought changed the experience and disrupted the balance. Whenever I focused my thoughts on something else, it pulled that energy away from the coins and restored the balance. Every time I consciously stared at them, I affected the result, but every time my mind was directed elsewhere, the universal balance returned to the game.
What an amazing yet simple experiment, right? This is why the various masters keep telling us to first clear our minds. It’s because we disrupt the balance…
Let’s see what else I can come up with on this subject.
Part 2
I continued my experiment with the coins later. I first flipped them with a clear mind, and combinations of heads and tails came, one after another. I then focused myself on the heads side, just to see what happens. The coins came up tails, over and over. No matter how many times I flipped, they landed on tails every time. I then pulled my focus away from the coins, and I got a few mixes of heads and tails. I then saw the first double heads so far, just when I least expected it. I was shocked, but can you guess what happened next? It was all heads, one toss after another. I kept on flipping the coins and was rewarded with all tails in a row. It seemed there were enough tails to match the streak of heads, so the balance was maintained. Finally, I pulled my focus away and flipped the coins again. The combination of two heads and two tails continued for a while. After some time, there was balance again, because they landed in a mix of heads and tails every time.
So, what did I get out of all this?
First of all, for whatever I imagined, it needed time to become real. Even though I imagined two heads, it didn’t happen, regardless of what I did. On the contrary, the more I tried, the more the opposite, two tails, showed up. Once I gave it up and let go, though, the heads began to flow. Once I saw them finally arriving, I felt how the path of energy was open.
The second thing is this: I didn’t count them, although I wish I had, the coins seemed to land on heads as often as tails. As I mentioned before, the universe definitely maintains a balance.
Thirdly, as the BBC documentary explained, there’s surely some communication between electrons, no matter their position in the universe. They are affected by each other, and this is scientifically proven in the documentary. Through this inexplicable communication, all kinds of psychic abilities could find a sound basis.
The fourth thing I learned was how the coins were affected by my energy field, even though I was an observer. This clearly shows how much we influence our own lives.
Finally, we all know about experiments, but it’s particularly impressive to see this all unfold in your own kitchen, in the middle of the night while eating yogurt. We hear about quantum physics and so forth, but it feels like something alien to us, so it doesn’t sink in. It was different to see it with my own eyes.
Part 3
At this point, a question comes to mind: “What’s the deal with guiding our energy over the things we choose and pulling them to ourselves?”
Gravitational law does not mean that we imagine everything we desire and then get them. This part has been misunderstood or misrepresented. Gravitational law means you attract whatever you are. Sure, people have the power to create, and we have the potential to make it real, but what do we give in return? There’s an absolute balance in the universe, so if you ask for something strongly enough and eventually attract it, there will be a void somewhere in the system. The system then asks for something in return. This is especially true when you desire a certain thing.
So, if there’s anything you want, it’s best to imagine it and then let it go. For example, I wanted both coins to land on heads. I stared hard at the coins and visualized heads. I then flipped them over and over. First, I got a mix of heads and tails and then two tails, all because I tried to force the result. After 10-15 tosses, though, I saw my first double heads. More double heads then came up than I could have anticipated. Once I withdrew my focus from the coins, there was balance again. My imagination could then become a reality. I also learned that it was much easier after the first time.
So, if there’s anything you want, imagine it with every detail, feel it, and then let it go. It will come to you many times greater than your expectations. However, if you insist on continuing to chase something forever, well, good luck with that.

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