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An Ally of Muslims and People of Color: My Tribute to Jürgen Klopp Ahead of Saturday's Champions League Final

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A non-white female professor of mine at Uni in Berlin recently told me in confidence when discussing racism and Islamophobia in Germany: "Timo: Germans have racism in their genes." Something I have no reservations and qualms about believing to be true, having had the cosmic misfortune of having had to spend most of my life as a person of color within the confines of a thoroughly racist white majority German society that is scandalously backwards and underdeveloped in human decency.

There is something embedded in the cultural DNA of white Germany (and that of Austria and Denmark, Belgium and France, Switzerland and Italy for that matter, which are even worse countries for people of color and Muslims to live in, given the acrimonious attitudes of their societies towards everything non-white and Muslim, as well as the repressive racist laws of these allegedly liberal-democratic nation states) that is so persistently, pervasively and incorrigibly xenophobic and evil that it makes your skin crawl.

But if there is one white German to whom my professor's verdict does not apply, it is Jürgen Klopp, manager of FC Liverpool, who are playing Tottenham Hotspurs in an all-English final of the European Champions League on Saturday in Madrid.

A staunch and loyal ally of Muslims and people of color in the most nonchalant and natural way, Kloppo's (how he is affectionately called in Germany) human decency is so far evolved and so far removed from the collective bigotry of his islam-and immigrant-hating home country that he had to emigrate to multicultural England and the internationalist English Premier League to achieve the professional success and personal happiness a mediocre, deutschnationalist Bundesliga and an equally mediocre and tribalist white German society had denied him for years.

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