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Ridge Iron Launches Kickstarter for Artisan hardware wallet for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Ridge Iron Launches Kickstarter for Artisan hardware wallet for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
Ridge Iron LLC is the company behind the Iron Wallet, a groundbreaking offline storage device for all cryptocurrencies, offering the height of safety, security, and craftsmanship.
United States, December 15, 2018 /Prexly/ Cryptocurrency storage has just reached a new level of security with Ridge Iron’s Iron Damascus steel hardware wallet, which was revealed to the world in a recently debuted Kickstarter campaign.

The vault is an artisan metal cold storage device designed to accommodate all cryptocurrencies. The metal storage wallet is the physical embodiment of digital currencies in a fire and waterproof storage token.  Users can safely store their cryptocurrency without worry of their funds being stolen or tampered with. The Crypto Coin Vault is designed with high-quality materials, including Damascus steel, that makes it resistant to fire, water, and EMP.

Funds can be directly and quickly deposited onto a Crypto Coin Vault, where they are kept safe and secure with split key private key storage.

“With the Crypto Coin Vault from Ridge Iron, your cryptocurrency can be securely stored offline and out of reach of both physical harm and cyber theft,” said the team at Ridge Iron.

Users can emboss their private keys on the internal patent pending split key disks with a metal hand stamp kit available from Ridge Iron.

To bring this innovative new cryptocurrency storage device to people everywhere, Ridge Iron has launched a Kickstarter campaign that aims to raise funds and awareness for their mission. The campaign aims to raise $18,000 and has already raised over $4000 in its first 48 hours. Backers are showing their support and receiving exclusive perks in exchange, such as stickers, wallets, Crypto Currency Vaults, and more. According to Ridge Iron., perks will be delivered in December 2018.

Ridge Iron is thrilled to bring a total backup device to market, offering cryptocurrency users a smart way to keep their funds safe. According to the company, the Crypto Coin Vault makes a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys cryptocurrency, and any user can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of this finely crafted disks. More information about the campaign can be found at http://bit.ly/blockchainiron

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