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Why is publishing press releases necessary for SEO? [2]

Why is publishing press releases necessary for SEO?
One of the key factors that could help you get high rankings on search engine is to build backlinks and there are a bazillion ways to build backlinks to your website. However, most of the backlinks you worked hard to build either vanish for some reason or don't work well enough to boost your ranking. But let's see what happens when you publish a press release:

1 - Faster indexing

When you publish a press release, you actually help search engines to index your webpage faster and more often because it is available on multiple platforms.

2 - Better ranking

What happens next is that search engines link the content with URLs, which helps your potential customers or visitors find you easily and quickly on search engines.

3 - Network audience

Apart from its contribution to SEO, publishing a press release can drive more traffic to your website thanks to the existing audience of the network your press release release has been distributed all along.

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