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How to get yourself heard online — Best Marketing Tips [2]

How to get yourself heard online — Best Marketing Tips
Tips to master in online marketing
It’s a big challenge to get a loyal community to follow with you online after setting up your business and there is one simple thing that you had better keep in mind: There is no single online marketing method to achieve it.

And every time you fail, you will want to try novel techniques. In this article, you’ll find some of the ones commonly used by small businesses.

1 - Social media

Yes, this is a huge cliche. But if you get to understand what works best for you, it will not take you too long to generate leads. Go ahead and create accounts on the most well-known social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

You can even try Medium, Instapaper, Reddit, or Pinterest. Even if no one is interested in your posts, you get some backlinks to your site, and this is exactly what will put you on the top of google searches.

2 - Search engine optimization
"SEO takes a lot of time and you have to work hard to get to the position where you want to be."
Create original content, build backlinks, and remember to keep your site up to date. Google’s search console can also help you track how many views and backlinks you have.

3 - Social media messages

We’re in 2018 and it wouldn’t be wrong to say email marketing is kind of outdated, especially if you are sending emails to the people who haven’t subscribed to your newsletter.

Sending DM’s to your followers on Instagram or Twitter can get you more interactions than you do by sending emails.

4 - Send a press release

Sending a press release doesn’t necessarily mean you have to comply with the common press release template. Just check out the press releases on web: Most of the press releases look like ads.

Even publishing a really short press release puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

Submitting an online press release doesn’t only help you build backlinks, but also brings you the chance to pitch journalists, which opens the gateway to a larger audience.

At Prexly, we distribute press releases to 26 sites within seconds and help you build backlinks and make you pitch to hundreds of journalists. For more information, please visit www.prexly.com.

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