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10 Essential Tools and Plugins for Business Blogs

10 Must Have Tools and Plugins for Business Blogs
Blogs have become an essential part of business communication. Business blogs are very often the backbone of the content marketing strategy, at least they should be. To streamline the daily work of business bloggers, tools and plugins can help to make your workflows more efficient, increase productivity and boost success.

Our daily content marketing and blogging routine looks something like this and so will yours:

Planning and organizing your content projects
Creating content
Proofreading and optimizing content for search and readability
Creating visuals
Scheduling and publishing content
Promoting content: sharing, seeding, and re-sharing
Capturing and converting leads
Analyzing performance and results

All these tasks take up a lot of time.

To streamline our team communication, we constantly generate and exchange new marketing and content ideas and keep track of results and collect feedback on our blog posts and campaigns. With a small team, it is also important that we use our resources efficiently.

In order make our daily work easier and our marketing strategies more effective, we have tried out a multitude of tools and plugins over the years. The following tools and plugins for our business blogs have become our most valuable daily helpers.
Check out 10 Essential Tools and Plugins for Business Blogs

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