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Battle over Syria at G8 summit

The G8 summit managed to put together a joint declaration on Syria. But as Russia and the West continue to have different interests at stake, the declaration remains short of any discernable progress.



Germany urges calm in Turkey

Germany is urging the Turkish government to keep calm after the brutal repression of protests in Istanbul. Despite criticisms, many are calling for Turkey's EU entry negotiations to restart - now more than ever. 


United Nations
UN General Assembly condemns Syria

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution calling on President Bashar al-Assad to step down. But the non-binding resolution is expected to have little impact on the conflict in Syria. 



Musharraf Ali Farooqi: ambassador for Urdu Literature

Critics were amazed with his translation of the Urdu epic "The Adventures of Amir Hamza" and his novel "Story of a Widow." He writes in English, but is one of the most vociferous advocates of Urdu literature in the West.



Green movement alive and well in Iran

Although Iran's Islamic government continues to repress opposition groups, the Green movement has found ways to organize and live on. Some experts believe that the Iranian government is living on borrowed time.


Arab World

Europe needs a common voice toward Libya

One year after the uprising against the Libyan regime began, the country still faces an uncertain future. But the conditions for a positive economic and political development are by all means at hand, an expert tells DW.



UN peacekeeping missions show mixed record

The Arab League has proposed a UN peacekeeping mission to Syria. But the past shows these missions have a mixed record.


International Relations

'I don't expect a military intervention in Syria'

There is only one reasonable solution to the conflict in Syria, says political scientist Heiko Wimmen: Urging high-ranking officials to defect.


Islamic World

'Islam does not live in the abstract'

Nader Hashemi, a leading scholar on Islam and secularism, tells Deutsche Welle that the two are far from being incompatible and that the West needs to do more to overcome its prejudices.



Parallel societies: Muslims and European integration

The integration of Muslims in Western Europe still leaves much to be desired despite an ageing population and the need for foreign labor. A prominent Iranian scholar argues that Islam is integral to European society.