Kerstin Zilm

Reporter, Independent Producer, Writer, , Los Angeles

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Los Angeles
United States

My network

I am Los Angeles correspondent for weltreporter, a network of German freelance journalist all over the world
I am a member of AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio
Also of LULA - Listen Up Los Angeles, a group of radio nerds in Los Angeles

What am I doing?

I produce stories from California off the beaten path and beyond headlines for radio, print, TV and Online.

I love to go where others don't, won't or can't go. Guided by curiosity and love of adventure I report about people, places and events on the U.S. West coast.

Above all I enjoy exploring stories beyond headlines and stereotypes finding curiosity on the path less traveled. I interview Hollywood legends and homeless in Hollywood; young German filmmakers, undocumented immigrants and successful entrepreneurs; inmates in overcrowded prisons, surf champions in Venice Beach and soldiers volunteering to go back to war.

Why Los Angeles?

California and Los Angeles are full of stories that have not been told yet.
I came to Los Angeles in 2003 as head of German public radio's U.S. West coast radio studio. I stayed after the assignment was over and created my own studio because there are still so many areas to explore. Of course living close to an ocean and waking up to sunshine doesn't hurt.

Short Bio

I discovered my love for being a reporter during the exciting times after the Berlin Wall came down. At RIAS Berlin (Radio In the American Sector) I explored all parts of the reunified city finding, recording and creating stories and realized that this is my favorite thing to do.

I worked as reporter, editor and host for German public radio stations including assignments as junior-correspondent in Washington D.C.. In April 2003 the German broadcasting network ARD sent me to Los Angeles on assignment as head of its U.S. West coast radio studio. Five years later I established my own production company soundslikerstin in Los Angeles working for radio, print, TV and Online publications.