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Christianity Collapsing in the US

Christianity Collapsing in the US

This morning I read an article from an Atheist in the journal Skeptical Science, one of the more fun (and sad) places I monitor. It was was entitled, "Why Is Christianity Collapsing in the US?" The author provided a brief, but very cogent assessment of present trends (Gallup poll) in the deterioration of our faith, broken down into categories, (political divide, ethic failures, education failures, and fractures within our "Christian" denomination). He concludes that Christianity will eventually fall as "other more tolerant and open variations of belief will live on".

The links above, attached to each of the author's categories are, of course, mine. But they confirm my agreement to his overall premise. What he misses, which is what all unbelievers miss, is the supremacy of our God, who has everything under control.

I responded to the article, also referencing one of its other comments, with the following, "I think you are all mostly correct. Biblical Christians, of which I am one, are narrow minded (Matthew 7:13-14), and tribalism has been strengthened by the increase in options for selective media viewpoints. It all comes down to John 15:18-19, and 2 Peter 3:3. This should be no surprise to anyone. However, that does not mean we should stop standing our ground (1 Corinthians 16:13, John 9:4) in love."

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org

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