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Libertarian Party files nearly 48,000 signatures for ballot access

Libertarian Party files nearly 48,000 signatures for ballot access
SPRINGFIELD (Heartland Newsfeed) -- Candidates, party officers and volunteers representing the Libertarian Party of Illinois delivered nearly 48,000 signatures for the statewide slate of candidates Monday morning to the state's board of elections in Springfield.

The Libertarian Party of Illinois filed petitions for statewide candidates Monday in Springfield. Pictured from left to right are Steve Dutner (secretary of state), Bubba Harsy (attorney general), Sanj Mohip (lieutenant governor), Kash Jackson (governor), Claire Ball (comptroller) and Mike Leheney (treasurer).
Brian Lambrecht/Libertarian Party of Illinois

Prior to walking in, party chairman Bennett Morris showed local media the stack of petitions which had to be carried in a box, showing the unfair disadvantage that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have when it comes to petitioning. Democratic and Republican candidates have to file 5,000 signatures to earn ballot access for statewide race, such as constitutional officers and U.S. Senators, whereas independent and third party candidates have to file at minimum 25,000 valid signatures to ensure ballot access in the November 6 general election.

Matt Dietrich, a representative of the Illinois State Board of Elections, expressed in a news interview that the rules "keep elections from having 15 candidates on the ballot", a rule which has been heavily construed as being biased toward the political duopoly.

Monday was the final day of filing for all statewide as well as Federal and state legislative offices. Filing were the gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial duo of Grayson "Kash" Jackson and Sanj Mohip, attorney general candidate Bubba Harsy, secretary of state candidate Steve Dutner, comptroller candidate Claire Ball and treasurer candidate Mike Leheney.

Additionally filing were:

Jon Harlson of Naperville, running for U.S. Congress in the 11th Congressional District
John Eldon Mathey of Cortland, running for Illinois House in the 70th District
Thadeus Freed of Salem, running for Illinois House in the 107th District

A press conference led by communications director Steve Suess took place at the Capitol Building at 11 AM, with Morris and Jackson making remarks before taking questions.

Independents filing Monday for statewide offices include state senator Sam McCann, Gregg Moore and William Walls. Independent Mary Vann-Metcalf filed on Friday.

Elsewhere in the state, those filing for office Monday included:

Joe Robbie of North Barrington (Green Party candidate for Illinois House in District 51)
Thomas Rudbeck of Chicago (independent for U.S. Congress in the 1st Congressional District)
Aaron Goldberg of Lakemoor (Green Party candidate for Illinois House in District 64)
Hal Patton of Edwardsville (Downstate United candidate for Illinois Senate in District 56)

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