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My torial account

Change email address

Once you are logged into torial, you can change your email details in the ‘Settings’ area. You can find ‘Settings’ when clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page.
Please note that you need to confirm your new email address via email. Your old email address will remain valid until the new one is confirmed.
If you no longer have access to your email address, we will of course help you personally. In this case, please send us an email with your old email address and a scan of your ID.

Account deletion

When logged in to torial, you have the option to delete your account in the ‘Settings’ section. You will find the ‘Settings’ section when clicking at the top right corner of your name. Right at the bottom of the Settings page you will find the link for deleting your profile. In the lightbox you can – if you want to – leave us some feedback and delete your account. Please note – our data will be irrevocably deleted from our servers within three business days.

Forgot password

If you have forgotten your password, please click on ‘Forgot password’ below the ‘Login’ field.
Should you no longer have access to your email address, we will of course help you personally. In this case, please send us an email with your former email address and a scanned copy of your ID document.

Application for torial membership

In order to keep the quality within the torial network as high as possible we ask new users to submit a short application to us. Let us know why you'd like to be a torial member, what your background is and where your professional focus lies. After registration you may already start to fill in your profile and we'll give you feedback on your application as soon as possible. torial can only accept applications in one of the platform languages (German, English, French).


torial magazine topics

Under torial Topics, you can see what is happening at torial content wise. You can find your orientation according to themes, magazines, as well as other authors and contributors at torial. Your portfolio posts are also visible according to their indexing In the overview, torial also suggests popular topics.

Filter magazine types

On the right, in the ‘Search topics’ section, you can define your own magazine topics – torial suggests some popular search keywords.
Within each magazine topic, you can also set additional filters for further use.


If you want to follow journalists on torial, go to a portfolio and click on ‘Subscribe’ or click on a user name and then click on ‘Subscribe portfolio’. The contributions of all the journalists you subscribe to can then be found on your profile, as well as under “themes” in “My Subscriptions”. There you will always stay up to date with what currently happens in your network. In the future you can then find all of the latest posts by these users in your “Subscriptions”. Here you can also filter as usual and narrow your search.

Manage subscription

If you would like to unsubscribe, simply click on ‘Topics’ > ‘My subscription’ on the ‘Manage subscription’ button in the top right. Here is a list of all the journalists whom you might want to follow. With the ‘unfollow’ button you can delete it again accordingly. Under ‘Manage subscriptions’ you can find all additional subscribers on torial.


Handling of data at torial

Theoretically torial can view your data. Important: We do not have a business case with your data and therefore no reason for wanting to see it. Security is a high priority for us (see ‘Data security’).
Your data is and will remain your data and will not be distributed or used. Since torial has been a nonprofit project for the Schwingenstein Foundation since 1 August 2014, this won’t change into the future.

Data security at torial

Your data is probably safer on our server than on your local computer. Nevertheless, these days no one can guarantee 100% data security anymore. Fundamentally we can say that your data is safe and protected. We do hourly backups and have extensive safety standards in a professional data centre in Germany (see Legal Notice). Thus, the data centre is subject to German data protection regulations. Our data centre must provide access possibilities for safety authorities according to relevant laws. German data centres maintain a good reputation since government intervention ensures certain limitations.



torial claims absolutely no rights to the data of its users. The legal status of data contributed to torial thus remains unchanged. References and copyright information can and should be defined and indicated with all uploads at torial. The legal and correct handling of all data is up to the user.

Costs at torial

All basic functions at torial, i.e. the creation of a portfolio and its use, as well as researching contractors or partners are and will remain free. Since 1 August 2014, torial has been a nonprofit project as part of the Schwingenstein Foundation and thus remains independent in the long run.

Problems with torial

Do you need technical help or support? Are you unable to find the answers you are looking for in our help centre? Then write to us at [email protected] or call us at +49 (0) 8806 4739889. You also always have the possibility to let us know about your problems via the feedback button.

Newsletter registration

Each newsletter offers the opportunity to unsubscribe in the footer. However you can contact us at any time by sending an email to: [email protected] If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, you can send us an email to: [email protected] All the settings can also be updated directly at If you are logged in, check the setting box above your name. There you can choose for example to receive the product newsletter or the weekly updates about activities within your network.


Adding portfolio content

At the top right of your portfolio there is an “Add” button.
In the subsequent lightbox display you can choose whether to add a link or a feed (i.e. from your blog), upload a file or write your own text.
Once saved, you can add and organise any other details.
Note: by entering keywords or topics tags, both you and your work are easier to find. Take advantage of this opportunity (more about that under ‘Tags’)!

Personal details

In the ‘Personal’ section you have the opportunity to enter all information relevant to you. Here you can provide details about yourself, your work, your additional online profiles, as well as clients or employers. In addition, you have the opportunity to define labels for information fields and create your own profile structure. This is your business card at torial. Potential clients or interested colleagues can get a first impression here. Helpful: Here the tagging of key themes can be a useful tool for making your work easier to find within torial. Which information under ‘Personal details’ is visible to whom, can be double checked under ‘Personal visibility of data’.

Visibility of data on your profile

All your relevant personal information is visible to members of torial. A person outside of torial can only see your display name, occupation and area code. A contact button provides the opportunity to send you a message (your email address will not be disclosed here). If your portfolio is set to “public” (default setting) your portfolio posts are visible to everyone (on the web and therefore also Google).

Portfolio visibility

Your portfolio is set to ‘Visible within network’ by default. Thus, the contents of your portfolio are visible both within the network and within the public torial magazine. You have the opportunity to set your portfolio to ‘Private’. With this setting, your portfolio is open only to members of torial and torial magazine. You can find the ‘Settings’ section by clicking at the top right of your name. Which personal information can be viewed publicly, can be checked under ‘Personal visibility of data’.

Export a portfolio feed

We have added a feed to each portfolio, which has two advantages for you:

  • Interested parties can subscribe to your posts via RSS Reader.
  • You can embed your portfolio content on other portals.
  • You can i.e. integrate your portfolio on your own website with a WordPress plugin.
If you have, for example, a XING profile, blog or website, you can post your content there by integrating a feed which is automatically updated each time you add something to your torial portfolio.
Note: when you set your profile to private, your feed is also not available to the public anymore.

For this we use the Atom format, which is similar to an RSS format but transfers even more content. The feed URL always consists of your portfolio URL - here - and the ending .atom:

To integrate the external feed, simply click on ‘Feed’ in your portfolio. Copy the URL of this tab to the clipboard and paste it into the respective portal.

Feed update

torial is updating portfolio elements which have been added by means of a feed twice a day, at 7 am and 7 pm UTC +1.

Editing my portfolio

Change order of portfolio items: move the mouse over a tile element in your portfolio - this will show you a little gearwheel icon in the top left corner. By clicking on that icons you will see options to delete, move the element or change the tile image.

Search function

The torial user searches for keywords and gets results based on the content elements and individuals. Every torialist also benefits from the tagging of data and personal information. Please refer to the item ‘Tags’. For more options on filtering search results, also see ‘Filtering results’.

Filtering results

sWhen searching, the results are returned separately for individuals and portfolio content.
In some cases, entering specific keywords can result in a display of many results. Therefore we offer the possibility to filter the search results with relevance to your network (in “My Subscriptions”) or the content of your own portfolio (in “My Content” – not available for people viewing) or according to groups (for example DJV).
The filter can be found to the right of the search results.


torial offers you the possibility to add tags
• to your personal details and
• Portfolio files.
The keywords allow users to make a targeted search. The more specific and thorough you are with tagging your work, the more valuable torial will be for you, since your presence becomes ever stronger. When allocating keywords, you can enter your own words or simply select from the suggestions. Separate the keywords with a comma and save the entry using the ‘Save’ button.

Torial tipps

Integrating Soundcloud and flickr

Embed audio posts by SoundCloud
Radio journalists, podcasters and other torial users who want to integrate audio reports can upload their files directly from the hard drive, or link to an existing SoundCloud account.
Simply upload your posts on SoundCloud and create a “set”. This you can then integrate quickly and cleanly in your torial portfolio by using the “Insert” link.
Here’s how:
1. Create a “set” on SoundCloud and collect audio contributions.
2. Copy the link to the set on the clipboard
3. Click on “Add” in the portfolio, select the link and paste the SoundCloud link.
On the details page of the element, the SoundCloud set can now play interactively.
Install a Flickr Slideshow interactively into a portfolio element.
If you want to integrate multiple images into a content element, it is best to use (if any) your Flickr account: this way you can make sure to present your images directly as an elegant gallery.
In order to do this, first go to a Flickr album page and copy the URL onto the clipboard.