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12 reasons why we deeply admire Cara Delevingne

12 reasons we deeply admire Cara Delevingne

One thing is clear, Cara Delevingne is one of the most influential models of the 2010s. Before being discovered by Sarah Doukas (who also discovered Kate Moss), she started her career at the age of ten by starring in a fashion spread in Vogue Italia shot by Bruce Weber. Since then Cara has modeled for numerous fashion campaigns and walked the runway for almost every high fashion house there is. But besides being a model, there are even more reasons why Cara is still our favorite!

She's an incredible actress. Paper Towns, Face of an Angel, Pan, Suicide Squad, you name it! Cara made the jump from modeling into acting and does a great job doing so. Not only is she able to portrait various characters, from mermaid to super villain, but she also knows how to really captivate the viewer with her performance.

Cara cares for others. In 2013 Cara joined Marc Jacobs' charity campaign "Protect the skin you're in" and posed nude for his slogan shirts. All proceeds of the campaign benefited skin cancer research. But Cara is also vocal about other issues, especially on her social media accounts. With her posts she speaks out against online bullying and environmental pollution, making her a real role model for today's youth.

Cara is proud to be a feminist. Even though she sparked up a controversy when launching her "The future is female" sweaters in collaboration with Represent, she just wanted to stick up for women everywhere. Because the proceeds "support Girl Up's campaign to promote the health, safety, and education of girls in developing countries." Cara also stands up for young models getting exploited by the industry: "I am a bit of a feminist and (the exploitation) makes me feel sick."

She loves to show off her weirdness. From doing faces and weird expressions to pranking paparazzi by firing water pistols at them. It has to be a blast to be friends with Cara! #tbt current mood

Here eyebrows. This one speaks for itself. Cara was the one who made full, bushy eyebrows fashionable again. Instead of plucking them into thin lines, actresses, models and women all around the world celebrated their natural shapes. Cara's eyebrow advice? "You just don't pluck them. It's really simple." I mean, I do, obviously, a little bit, because otherwise I'd have a monobrow." 

She's fashions' wild child. She posts sexy Instagram pictures (probably mandatory when you're friends with Rihanna), has tattoos on her hands, her latest one the head of a lion on her right index finger, and she likes to smoke one here and there. But all of us probably remember the awkward interview with Good Morning Sacramento Cara had to fight through, complete with sexist and just plain rude questions. But Cara threw the most amazing shade to the question „if she'd ever read the book" (Paper Towns) and just answered: „No, I never read the book or the script. I just winged it". A truly badass move.

We want to be part of her family. When your sister is It-Girl Poppy Delevingne, and your godmother and -father are actress Joan Collins and Nicholas Coleridge, president of Condé Nast International, well then you have won the family lottery.

She's a modern day style icon. Cara is known for her tomboyish style, but also her versatility. No wonder she became Karl Lagerfeld's muse (she even skipped a Victoria's Secret show to walk for Chanel). From Mulberry to DKNY, everybody wants to collaborate with the iconic Brit.

Cara stays true to herself. Even though she doesn't fit the norm of a supermodel, since she is quite short (5'7), Cara made it work and made her personality (and her brows, of course) her trademark. While a lot of people try to, she doesn't let herself be put in a box when it comes to her sexuality, she just does, what she feels is right for her. Again, role model right here!

She visited the White House in sneakers! Bold move, since usually if celebrities are invited to pay the President a visit they are dressed in formal attire. But not Cara! She sported a black calf-length tuxedo-dress and matching sneakers, making them appear amazingly sophisticated.

By Elena Reudenbach