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Chelsea Clinton Upset About Jay-Z’s Reaction To Beyoncé’s Post-Delivery Weight Loss

Chelsea Clinton Upset About Jay-Z’s Reaction To Beyoncé’s Post-Delivery Weight Loss

Chelsea Clinton thinks Jay-Z‘s subdued reaction to Beyoncé‘s post-pregnancy weight loss was not 'woke' enough.

Chelsea Clinton, 39, recalled being pregnant with her third child while watching Beyoncé’s Netflix documentary, “Homecoming,” with her husband, Marc Mezvinksy. 
In the film, Beyoncé is seen FaceTiming her rapper husband about how excited she is about fitting into a costume after giving birth to twins. 
Clinton was less than pleased with Jay-Z’s reaction saying in a recent interview with The Cut:
“I said, ‘Marc if that’s ever me, you better have more enthusiasm.

It wasn’t the ‘I’m so proud of you. That’s amazing’ that I arguably think any woman deserves, particularly someone who has clearly worked herself body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit to get to that place.”

Clinton added, “Marc was like, ‘Duly noted.’” 
The former first daughter and current Democratic dimwit denoted that any woman would agree with her.

“I was like, ‘I bet every woman watching this has this sense of she deserves more enthusiasm,'” 

Chelsea Clinton... Clueless As Ever 
Clinton, showing her lack of self-awareness about how annoying her husband must feel she is (we feel his pain) hysterically admitted:

“Marc was like, ‘I got it. Can we go back to watching it, please? We’ve talked about it three times in the last 90 seconds.’”

Clinton and Mezvinsky welcomed their third child, son Jasper, in July, they also share 3-year-old son Aidan and 5-year-old daughter Charlotte. 

Yes, her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is an absolute moron and the worst day trader in history judging by how many millions he lost, but a small part (0.01%) of me feels sorry for the poor slob having to go through life as 'woke' Mr. Chelsea Clinton.
It's hard keeping up with these 'woke' 180s. 

Just a few years ago we were writing about how Liberals would be screaming at any celebrity that dared to instagram their post-delivery weight loss, whining:

Mothers were risking their health and the babies' health because the drastic weight loss will reduce breast milk production.

Of course, it was all their misogynist husband's fault, because these Neanderthal men are sick and are either consciously, or sub-consciously telling their wives that they must regain their pre-pregnancy form immediately.

But their pre-mob vitriol wasn't only directed at these misogynist men, but also toward the women as well for sending the wrong message to other mothers and also "how dare they!" give in to the corporate vision of what a woman should look like.

But I assume, we will have to wait until 2020 rolls around because I assume in 2019 men are supposed to be screaming "Yea" until of course, they're not.

Can't these liberal lunatics put out a yearly 'Woke Almanac" so we know what to do for the next 12 months as those farmers do every year?

At least it help us Neanderthals be a little less dizzy for all the 180s these 'woke' liberal loony toons do.


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