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Nancy Pelosi Butchers The English Language During Her Impeachment Speech

Nancy Pelosi Butchers The English Language During Her Impeachment Speech

We already knew the stuttering alcoholic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was evil but today she must've been exceptional drunk when she spewed this string of lies

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blatantly lies to the American public saying the process being voted on today — also called the Schiff Empowerment Act — gives Republicans and the White House the equal power as the crooked Democrats and their leader Adam Schiff in this sham impeachment process.

As Byron York reported earlier today at the Washington Examiner

The resolution gives Rep. Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, far-reaching power over the Trump impeachment. Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains the ultimate authority, of course, but, like a chairman of the board choosing a chief executive officer, she has picked Schiff to run the show. And in the resolution, Democrats will give him near-total control… 

…The resolution also gives Schiff total control over whether transcripts of depositions already completed and those yet to be done will be made public. “The chair is authorized to make publicly available in electronic form the transcripts of depositions conducted by the in furtherance of the investigation,” says the resolution. That means Schiff can release transcripts, but it does not mean he must release transcripts. 

“It says they are authorized to disclose depositions,” Meadows noted, “which means they can pick and choose which depositions they will release.” Perhaps Schiff will release them all. But he doesn’t have to. 

The resolution would also give Schiff the authority to call and conduct public hearings on impeachment. Schiff will control the witnesses. Although there has been some discussion about whether Republicans will have the right to call witnesses, the resolution only gives the ranking Republican on the Intelligence Community, Rep. Devin Nunes, the right to ask Schiff to call a witness. 

Pelosi is a not only sick but she's also a serial liar!

Democrats will BURN not only in 2020 but also in hell as well when America finally gets to see ALL OF THEIR LIES exposed in the soon to be released Inspector General report as well as all the deep state indictments that will soon be filed as the criminal investigation that is now taking place inside the Department of Justice moves forward. 
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