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Hoverboards tờ E-skates - Uncle Saff Amir Khan

Uncle Saff Gohir a friend of Amir Khan tells you about new technology E-skates. It’s summer in the big apple, and i’m beginning to see human beings rolling around on hoverboards over again. however the self-balancing devices aren’t anywhere close to as everywhere as they had been a yr or  ago. They’re getting dull, and perhaps it’s time for some thing new: some thing like self-balancing curler skates.

Segway announced nowadays that it’s working on a couple of “e-skates” known as the waft W1. They seem like something out of The Jetsons with their black-and-white, angular design, and as Engadget factors out, in addition they appearance a bit unsafe.

It seems that you just step on pinnacle of the flow W1 with every foot, stability on them without being strapped on in any manner, after which lean to start moving. It makes sense which you wouldn’t be hooked in — you want a good way to bounce off if there’s a problem — however managing two impartial self-balancing objects looks as if it is able to be a chunk tougher to get the dangle of than just jumping on a massive wide board.

A rate and launch date haven’t been announced yet, however Segway says it plans to expose them off at at a exchange display on the quit of August. at the same time as this isn’t the primary time we’ve visible a employer attempt e-skates, it’s truly the very best profile and a signal that we could start seeing knockoffs rolling round everywhere. Segway additionally says the drift W1 are the “first product” in a new category, indicating that it plans to make more.

Will human beings in reality use those? I possibly shouldn’t guess, because i would have said “no” to hoverboards, and that become manifestly very incorrect. here’s hoping we as a minimum get to see an e-skate derby.

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