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Sebastian Kurz riding high despite Austrian ousting

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He was the youngest chancellor Austria ever had - a prodigy, many thought. But on Monday 32-year-old Sebastian Kurz and his government were ousted from power.

His re-election in September does seem likely, however, having come top in the country's European election results, with his former coalition partners only managing to place third.

Kurz's Austrian People's Party is especially strong among voters older than 60. But among the under-29s, the party finished fourth behind the Greens, the Social Democrats, and the Freedom Party (FPO), with many blaming the young conservative leader for empowering the far-right in Austria.

Last Thursday about 5,000 protesters - an array of students, social workers and the "Grannies Against the Right" organisation - gathered in front of his party's headquarters.

"I want his resignation because Kurz is co-responsible for the coalition with the right-wing FPO and their racist laws," Hanna, a 27-year-old social worker who asked her surname not be published, told Al Jazeera.

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