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Young Innovators Awards recognition for Cornelius Palm

The Young Innovator awards are a partnership between Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Network and The Prince's Trust. From solutions to help Covid patients get better ventilation to saving CO2 on pet food, the winners of this year's Young Innovators' Awards, announced by Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency, look set to tackle some of our biggest societal challenges.

The business Cornelius and Nicola founded launched its first product, the Happyr app, in 2019. The app offers easy-to-use treatment plans, supports lifestyle changes, and provides tailored behavioural exercises. Migraine is the first condition supported by the app.

Indro Mukerjee, Innovate UK CEO, said: "The innovation potential of this young age group is incredible. It's a cohort that promises to bring energy, entrepreneurial flair and fresh perspectives to today's big challenges.

"Our young innovators are also relatable role models, inspiring and showing the path to others, as they create economic and societal benefits through innovation - so that we can all see a fairer, more resilient and more productive society."

The recognition follows the news that the Happyr app is on the Cofinitive #21ToWatch shortlist announced this month.

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