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hands on the TWINE brick

I proudly backed the TWINE project on kickstarter. And they really lived up to my expectations! The idea and the UX of this project is really, really great. You can set up a multi sensor device via WIFI and trigger all kind of actions (also Email, tweets, SMS or http requests!) in minutes! “no nerd degree needed!” The twine has an accelerometer, orientation control and a temperature sensor AND  is open for all kind of hacks and tweaks via a breakout board. 


A simple web app lets you tell the twine some rules. To call it “programming” already sounds more complicated than it is. The UI is very simple and reminds me of the good, old “mindstorms” (8-) The rules are put together with a palette of preset conditions and actions, and read like: WHEN moisture sensor gets wet THEN text “The basement is flooding!”


we had great fun soldering an old keyboard button to send tweets and emails when pressed. Well done product and overall experience. Thanks guys!



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