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3 Reasons Why Fellow Founders Are My Favorite Customers | The Next Women - Business Magazine

These are the people I invite to my atelier for private tastings: founders, entrepreneurs and game changers. Of course everyone is welcome to stop by, but I go out of my way to make time - turn off the pings and dings - pour a merlot and share my most precious bounty, my chocolate innovation, with fellow entrepreneurs. It’s because ladies like you are my kindred spirits and fully understand what and how I have got to "this place" with my business. You did it yourself. We skinned our knees on the same rocks and we both slid into first place whooping and yelling (without spilling our champagne) when something great happened. Fellow founders are my favourite customers because of three key reasons: 1. You know what it takes 2. You demand the best 3. You are visionary ...> Zum Original