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Be careful what you wish for


Man-machine-mixtures exist now, and more may exist in future. Presently,
most use technology inside the body to compensate for physical shortcomings.
Enhancing healthy people has already begun, but ethically, acceptance
is distant.

Transhumanists believe humans should apply technology to improve themselves.
Some Cyborgs already feel technology has become part of their bodies.
The Cyborg Foundation says humans can now decide what organs and
senses they want.

Will technology lead to further segregation of society because only some
people can a ord to become better versions of themselves? Some enhancements
will help people or organisations have better lives, but even the strongest
supporters of hybrids see considerable risks of losing all we hold valuable.
Society should soon de ne rules and boundaries for Cyborgs and those who
want to become one.

Find the article in:
Challenging Organisations and Society, Editors: Maria Spindler and Christian Stary,
2019 Volume 8, Issue 1: Grasping the Multiple Facets of Intelligence, page 1362-1374.