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Matador - The torrero of techno

`Pots of golden melodies` - that’s how Matador’s friend Richie Hawtin describes the sound of the Irishman with the real name Gavin Lynch. Reduced bleeps, chimes and carillons adorn the signature wobbly Matador bass composing an artistic synthesis that fits perfectly into Hawtin’s Minus label. Matador’s sets are always a treat in this year’s ENTER. line-ups, most recently in August when he played the Sake Bar at Space for a warm-up and fit into the mood of the room perfectly.

A learned cook Matador soon gets into sound engineering, a similarly creative task but with less edible ingredients. The savoury results were instantly signed by the three biggest techno labels Cocoon, Plus8 and Minus. Pieces like ‘Kingswing’, ‘Flux’ and ‘Svinx’ have become standout tracks in sets by all kinds of DJs and especially in influential Richie Hawtin Matador has found a true admirer and ardent fan. Something Gavin feels very honoured about: “As a producer I’ve worked hard over the past 6 years to get my sound the way I wanted it, and with stuff like this happening it’s what makes it all worth while.”

All Matador tracks originate from nightly studio sessions because that is the natural time when the iconic ‘Matador sound’ emerges. Tried and tested in his hometown Dublin the productions soon found its way all over the globe. Matador’s tour calendar for the next months includes dates in Germany, Tunisia, the USA and of course our crazy party island: At the final ENTER. party of the season Matador will play live at Space on September 26th.

Erschienen in der Clubbing Bible Ibiza, Printausgabe September 2013